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My name is ginna ginna alexandra

tapiero maceto i'm 16 years old i'm a girl

of principles.i'm a good student and respectful.

My Family

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My family family is united and happy, my

parents love me with all your heart

My Mother

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My mom mom is the person I love most in this

world and is a great woman

My Father

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My dad dad is a great man and a goodworker

and good dad with my brothers

My Brothers

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My sister's name is katherin

my brothers brothers name is steven

I love them so much

My pet

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My pet pet is named samy, she

is very cute with my family

likes to play ball

What I like to do

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I like to read read in my free time,

and learn from the great

books things

My friends

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My friends friends are nice,They

are happy and cute,They

are very good friends

School friends

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my school school friends are very

good and are good students

My university

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National university University of Bogota

I want to study medicine

Studied medicine

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The medicine medicine is the career of my

dreams and Achievements

I'm working

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I want to work in a hospital hospital

and help the sickest

Where I want to live

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I want to live in bogota Bogota and

with my family and work


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I am a student student of school

San Isidoro and I 'm in the

eleventh grade

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